DIY Postpartum Mood Support Planning E-Book

You Might Be Wondering...

What is this E-Book all about? 

Life with a newborn is a pretty intense experience. Parents often describe it as a time of extremes: extreme love, extreme joy, extreme overwhelm, or extreme exhaustion. 

While we can’t control everything that happens postpartum, we can develop the ability to cope, endure, and recover from the emotional, physical, and relationship challenges that emerge in the first year of parenting.  

This guide is designed to help you with that process.  

Who even made this thing?  

Olivia Scobie, MSW, RSW, MA, ACC, MSP  

Olivia is a social work therapist who specializes in perinatal mood, birth trauma, and maternal mental health. She is also the founder and executive director of Postpartum Support Toronto, a not-for-profit that provides therapy and solidarity for new parents having a tough time adjusting to life with a baby.  

She believes in good scotch, telling your story, and supporting families through difficult times.  

What kind of stuff is in it?

Lots of great stuff!  

  • Prioritizing Self Care  
  • Create Your Support Team  
  • Find Your Parenting People 
  • Managing Stress  
  • Get Baby Ready  
  • Set Realistic Expectations

Wait... why is it free?

Because this kind of information shouldn't be a secret. 

We focus a lot on the health of our children but not everyone checks in with how the parents are doing.

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