Extremely Offical Permission Slip Booklet 

You Might Be Wondering...

Wait, what is this Permission Book?

You know all those permission slips you have to fill out for daycare and school activities? They gave me an idea (and a hand cramp). 

What if we gave ourselves (and others) permission to do something different, change our story, surrender, or become more of ourselves?

I think some very cool things would happen.  

This Self-Care tool is literally a permission slip booklet for you to experiment with. Some permission slips are for you to give to yourself, some are for you to give to others, and some are for you to ask others to fill out and give to you.  

It’s totally free, so download it today and start experimenting with the freedom that comes with pay attention to our ‘yes please!’ and our ‘hell no’.  

Who even made this thing?  

Olivia Scobie, MSW, RSW, MA, ACC, MSP  

Olivia is a social work counselor who specializes in perinatal mood, birth trauma, and maternal mental health. 

She is also the founder and executive director of Postpartum Support Toronto, a not-for-profit that provides therapy and solidarity for new parents having a tough time adjusting to life with a baby.  

She believes in good scotch, telling your story, and supporting families through difficult times.  

When you download it, you also give permission to receive Olivia’s monthly e-newsletter, where you will keep up to date with all the stuff Olivia gets up to, such as other free tools, webinars, community talks, conferences, and publications.