How to Endure the (Impossible?) Work of Parenting

A short webinar for too-tired-too-busy parents. Because burnt out parents still have to parent. 

Part of Oliva Scobie's Shame-Free Parenting Webinar Series  

Are you a too-tired-too-busy parent? 

It feels really hard not to be a too-tired-too-busy parent these days. The internet is filled with articles about the impossible workload parents face, but most of us don’t need to read about how bad it is – we experience it every time we are late for work because we just can’t get out the door on time, or when we’ve been home all day with the kids and are counting the minutes until bedtime.  

Raising young kids is a really intense and very demanding time in your life. This is not a webinar about better time management or being more grateful for what you have or how to squeeze in more self-care. It’s a webinar that will help you bring more awareness to the strategies you already use to endure this busy time, as well as get a few new ideas to experiment with.  

This webinar is for you if:

  • You feel burnt out from trying to achieve work/life balance.
  • You love your kids but are exhausted from the daily grind of keeping them safe, fed, and clean.
  • Your brain feels full with how much you have to remember each day.
  • You feel guilty a lot, but aren't really sure what you are guilty of. 
  • You would love some help but it doesn’t feel like there is anything you could pass off to another person.

Problem! I’m sleep by then/busy that day/in a different time zone/putting kids to bed That’s cool. It will be recorded so if you sign up you will get the playback emailed to you the next day! 

Are you going to sell me something at the end of this? Nope! Not this time. This is all part of the Olivia Scobie Shame-Free Webinar Parenting Series. Check out a list of all the upcoming webinars here

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Olivia Scobie, MSW, RSW, MA, ACC, MSP 

Olivia is a postpartum social work counselor who specializes in perinatal mood, birth trauma, and maternal mental health. She is also the founder of Postpartum Support Toronto. 

She believes in good scotch, telling your story, and supporting families through difficult times.